In SAP S/4HANA, materials, and activities are treated similarly, especially in the actual costing cockpit. Today, let’s focus on activity consumption analysis, the equivalent of material price analysis.

1. CKM3A:
  • In SAP S/4HANA, activities have their analysis in Transaction CKM3A.
  • Header fields include Cost Ctr./Act: type, Business Process, and Controlling Area.
2. Price Determination View:
Price Determination View
  • Similar to material price analysis, the price determination structure shows quantity, preliminary value, price difference, actual value, and price.
  • Rows detail Total Allocation and Consumption.
3. Total Allocation:
Total Allocation
  • Illustrates the total allocated activity quantity for the period.
  • Example: 80 hours of activity type 1 with a preliminary valuation of €6,400 (€80 per hour).
4. Consumption:
  • Reveals how allocated activity quantities were used.
  • Example: 80 hours consumed by five materials in the Production category.
  • Allows navigation to other transactions, such as material price analysis for detailed insights.
5. Cost Components:
  • Clicking on the Cost Component Split button leads to the Cost Components screen.
  • Displays the Actual Price split into Fixed and Variable costs for the Machine time cost component.

Understanding activity consumption in SAP S/4HANA provides valuable insights into resource utilization and allows for detailed analysis through interconnected transactions.

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