Industry-Specific customized Solutions – ISS

QBS is proud to have launched industry-specific solutions (ISS) based on worldwide standards after conducting in-depth research and benchmarking best practices. Clients may select a single industry-specific solution according to the type of business they operate. QBS Co provides a wide array of technology-related goods and services that benefit QBS’s customer base.

ISS Retail:

ISS Retail, which is specifically designed to address the demands of the retail sector, simplifies processes and offers a full range of tools for efficient financial and business administration.

ISS Manufacturing:

QBS ISS Manufacturing is an all-inclusive solution that meets the various demands of manufacturing and production, guaranteeing smooth operations and efficient company administration.

ISS Education:

ISS Education offers an integrated platform for schools, colleges, universities, and academic or professional institutes. This solution simplifies student record-keeping and financial tracking, providing an efficient and organized system for educational institutions.

ISS Healthcare:

ISS Healthcare is a complete solution that addresses all information needs in the healthcare industry and is specifically designed for hospitals. It offers a strong foundation for effective healthcare operations by enabling thorough tracking of everything from patient information to doctor management and capacity planning.

ISS Services Industry:

ISS Services is the right choice for businesses in the service industry, offering unique project management features. Tailored to meet the needs of service-oriented businesses, ISS Services ensures efficient operations and streamlined project management.

ISS Transportation:

As experts in the transportation industry, we provide customized solutions made especially for companies involved in this fast-paced industry. To satisfy the unique requirements of the transportation industry, ISS Transportation offers a wide range of technologies that guarantee efficient administration and smooth operations.