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Here’s a small glimpse of the diverse talent pool within QBS Co., comprising dedicated professionals across various domains, committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Khawaja Taimoor Khawar

Khawaja Taimur Khawer

Solution Architect
Khawaja Taimur Khawer, as a Solution Architect, designs comprehensive solutions at QBS Arabia, leveraging his expertise in SAP technology and development. He focuses on crafting scalable, industry-aligned solutions, ensuring client satisfaction and optimal performance.
Bilal Zafar

Bilal Zafar

Country Head – QBS Arabia
With extensive experience in SAP implementation and management, Bilal oversees the strategic direction of the SAP projects undertaken by QBS Arabia. He is responsible for ensuring the team delivers high-quality solutions to clients while meeting their business needs.
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Shoeb Ahmed

SAP Track Lead Basis
Shoeb Ahmed, SAP Track Lead for Basis at QBS, manages SAP systems’ technical components, ensuring smooth operation and performance for clients. He specializes in SAP Basis administration, infrastructure, and security to maximize clients’ SAP investments.
Hammad Haroon

Hammad Haroon

Track Lead Supply Chain
Hammad Haroon is the Track Lead for Supply Chain at QBS, leveraging his deep understanding of supply chain processes and SAP technologies to implement effective solutions and optimize client operations.
Hafiz Naeem

Naeem Khawaja

Technical Lead
Naeem Khawaja, Technical Lead at QBS, oversees SAP projects, focusing on system architecture, customization, and integration, to ensure robust, scalable solutions aligned with industry best practices.
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Shayan Sherwani

Head Of SAP SME’s
Shayan Sherwani, Head of SAP SMEs at QBS, leads SAP for SMEs initiatives, blending financial acumen with SAP proficiency for impactful transformations. With diverse industry exposure, he navigates the dynamic landscape where finance meets technology to ensure optimal outcomes.
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Noor Muhammad

Sr. SAP Consultant Basis
Noor Muhammad is a Senior SAP Consultant specializing in Basis at QBS, overseeing technical aspects of SAP systems to ensure smooth operation and performance.
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Meesam Naqvi

Sr. SAP Consultant FICO
Meesam Naqvi serves as a Senior SAP Consultant for FICO, leveraging his expertise in finance and SAP to optimize financial processes and systems for worldwide clients at QBS, leveraging a global perspective.
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Sheraz Jawed

Sr. SAP Consultant Supply Chain
Sheraz Jawed serves as a Senior SAP Consultant for FICO, leveraging his expertise in finance and SAP to optimize financial processes and systems for clients at QBS.
Imran Arshad

Imran Arshad

SAP Track Lead FI
Imran Arshad is the SAP Track Lead for Financials (FI) at QBS, guiding the implementation of SAP Financials solutions to optimize financial processes and drive efficiency for clients.
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Hammad Anis

Director Enterprise
Hammad Anis, Director of Enterprise, is an Entrepreneur and Digital Transformation Leader with over 24 years of corporate experience. He excels in supervising strategy, planning, and execution, fostering collaboration, and leading diverse teams across multinational organizations in the Middle East and Pakistan.
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Jawad Pothiawala

SAP Consultant MM/WM
Jawad Pothiawala is an Entrepreneur and SAP Functional Consultant with expertise in SAP Financials (FI), FSM, MM, and WM. He brings a brief knowledge of business processes to optimize operations and drive efficiency for clients at QBS.
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Asra Quddusi

Head Of HR & Project Operations
Asra Quddusi is the Head of HR & Project Operations at QBS, with a background in computer technology and IT. She leads projects and ensures efficient operations, focusing on innovation and HR improvement.
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Uzair baig

Sr. Consultant Cloud
Uzair Baig is a highly skilled Senior Consultant specializing in Cloud solutions at QBS. With a deep understanding of cloud technologies and their applications in various industries, Uzair plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through their cloud journey.
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Iqra Alamgir Khan

HR Executive
Iqra Alamgir Khan is an HR Executive at QBS Co, skilled in recruitment, selection, psychological assessment, counseling, training, and HR operations. Passionate about fostering a positive work environment and personal growth.
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Muhammad Hafeez

Brand & Corporate Communication Lead
Muhammad Hafeez is the Brand & Corporate Communication Lead, spearheading branding initiatives and corporate communications strategies at QBS.
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Shahzada Muhammad Ahmed

Associate MERN Developer
Shahzada Muhammad Ahmed is an Associate MERN Developer, contributing to the development of web applications using the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack at QBS.

Sheeraz Shaikh

Sheeraz Shaikh is a dynamic expert in business development and strategic partnerships, dedicated to driving sustainable growth and creating lasting impact.
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Sohaib Ahmed

Lead Project Manager
Sohaib Ahmed is the Lead Project Manager, overseeing project delivery and ensuring successful outcomes for clients at QBS.
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Syed Aizaz Hussain

Sr. Graphics & UI/ UX Designer
Syed Aizaz Hussain serves as a Senior Graphics & UI/UX Designer, leveraging his expertise to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for SAP projects at QBS.
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Anum Saba

Sr. SAP Consultant ABAP
Anum Saba is a Senior SAP Consultant specializing in ABAP, bringing advanced programming skills to develop customized solutions for clients at QBS.
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SAP Consultant ABAP
Rameez is a SAP Consultant specializing in ABAP, contributing to the development of tailored solutions to meet client needs at QBS.
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Muhammad Ammar

SAP MM Consultant
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Zahid Mehmood

SAP SD/ PP Consultant
M. Zohaib

Muhammad Zohaib

SAP MM Consultant