Deploying SAP S/4HANA is a game-changer, and sticking to some golden rules can make the journey smoother. SAP Activate, the methodology guiding this transition, highlighted, a ‘cloud mindset’ or keeping the core clean. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the five golden rules:

1. Foster a Cloud Mindset:
  • Stick to SAP standard processes.
  • Deploy incrementally for quicker results.
  • Adopt an agile approach for valuable capabilities first.
2. Use Preconfigured Solutions and SAP Fiori UX:
  • Embrace preconfigured solutions like SAP Best Practices.
  • Leverage the user-friendly SAP Fiori UX for efficient transactions and innovation.
3. Ensure Modern Integration Technologies:
  • Utilize public APIs for integration.
  • Follow SAP Activate guidance for integration.
  • Opt for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) for cloud integration.
4. Use Modern Extensibility Technologies:
  • Leverage key user extensibility for no-code extensions.
  • Use developer extensibility for custom code where needed.
  • Avoid modifying SAP source code for cleaner software.
5. Ensure Transparency on Deviations:
  • Document any deviations for future reference.
  • Use ALM tools like SAP Solution Manager to document solutions.
Business Benefits:
  • Adopting standard processes reduces configuration efforts, ensuring faster implementation.
  • Fewer changes lead to cleaner software, making upgrades easier and more cost-effective.
  • A clean core allows for faster innovation adoption from SAP.
  • Using modern technologies ensures the system’s longevity and adaptability.
Governance for Success:
  • Establish a Solution Standardization Board (SSB) for project governance.
  • SSB ensures compliance with the golden rules and reviews deviations.
  • SSB’s role extends beyond the project, providing continuous oversight for future enhancements.

By adhering to these golden rules and embracing a cloud mindset, organizations can maximize the benefits of SAP S/4HANA while ensuring a smooth, cost-effective, and innovative journey.

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