Business Process Reengineering

Explore QBS’s Business Process Reengineering Portfolio, offering services such as

Lean Six Sigma:

A cooperative strategy designed to improve efficiency by carefully removing waste and cutting down on variation. This methodology targets eight sources of waste:

Underutilized Talent
Excessive Processing

It also integrates Six Sigma and lean manufacturing/enterprise principles. Our emphasis on the “first time right” idea guarantees that all tasks are completed accurately from the beginning, increasing efficiency by identifying and removing procedures that aren’t completed correctly the first time and every time.

Supply Chain Optimisation:

QBS Co’s team of Supply Chain Experts offers a review of the Organisation’s end-to-end Supply Chain from Raw Materials Source to the final customers. This includes a meticulous examination of processes and documentation at every staging level, ensuring a holistic understanding from raw materials sourcing to the final delivery to customers. Our experts specialize in identifying optimization opportunities, addressing potential bottlenecks, and implementing strategic enhancements to foster a seamless and efficient supply chain ecosystem tailored to your specific business needs.