Top ERP Certified Consultants at QBS Co. are accessible for both short- and long-term project engagements. A dedicated group of data scientists at QBS Co. have a methodical approach to examining information and data, as well as the data possibilities. We have successfully connected several PLCs to Microsoft SQL databases and SAP HANA systems.


Oracle is a leading worldwide technology that is known for its innovation. Oracle is well-known for providing innovative solutions in database management, cloud computing, and corporate software. It is also at the forefront of enabling companies to prosper in the digital age. Our Oracle services are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and keep pushing the boundaries of technology to enable businesses all over the world to accomplish their objectives quickly and effectively.


Microsoft is committed to enabling people and businesses to achieve more through its wide range of products and services. Microsoft’s dedication to accessibility, creativity, and teamwork, reflected in Windows and Azure, creates a world in which technology is a force for good.QBS Co. uses Microsoft’s technologies and services to strengthen organizations by emphasizing the delivery of customized solutions.


zdigits is a technological innovation from QBS Co. that satisfies all business information needs and has completely integrated business processes that link various functions. The four basic modules can be fully customized to fit the specific needs of our clients and comprehensively cover all business operations in a general company environment. By standardizing corporate procedures and optimizing functional roles, the product aims to create value.