Meet The CEO

Strategist with a high level of Analytical & Business Modeling Capabilities reputed for successful planning and execution of numerous projects. Educationist, Coach, Mentor, and Trainer for over thousands of professionals from various platforms.

He is a fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and has completed his BSc Hons from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Previously he has offered his services as Head of Information Systems at International Textile Limited, and Lead ERP Consultant at Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd. Faraz Ahmed Quddusi has also been part of visiting faculty at the Institute of Business Administration – IBA, SKANS, CAMS & Lecole’s.

Message from the CEO

After spending over 15 years in the IT industry, I feel privileged to be adding value to this industry through my journey at QBS Co which I started off as an entrepreneur in the year 2018. I had the vision to create a dynamic platform for businesses and professionals where they can utilize their maximum potential and obtain out-of-the-box solutions.
I believe in Leadership by Example and have laid the foundation of QBS to bring the best out of my people. Together with my team, I intend to have a positive impact on the community in which we work, live, and grow. I foresee QBS as a capstone for the IT and Service Industry in Pakistan, and how we are committed to our values- I’m highly convinced that QBS will serve as one of the transformation partners for this industry.
As a company, QBS has almost tripled its workforce and has become a leading provider of ERP solutions. It has earned a reputation in SAP Implementation and has partnered with SAP. Our client-first philosophy has put our client’s trust in us and has been a vital point in the growth of QBS.

Hard work, diligence, and commitment have paved the way to achieve our goals at a fast pace. In a very short time, we have earned a reputation in SAP consultancy and today we stand amongst the renowned ERP service provider in Pakistan. We have expanded our presence globally and now we have established footings in KSA, UAE and UK.
One of my primary objectives is to create a company we can all be proud to work at and take service delivery to a next level of performance.

Faraz Ahmed Quddusi
Chief Executive Officer

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