Goal 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Discriminatory laws persist, limiting women’s rights globally. In 2020, over half of 95 countries lacked quotas for women in parliament, and 63% lacked consent-based rape laws. In contrast, 90% banned gender discrimination in employment, and almost half restricted women in certain jobs. Nearly 25% denied equal marriage and divorce rights. Despite being 39% of the workforce, women held only 28.3% of managerial roles by 2019. The pandemic disproportionately affects women in the workforce, risking setbacks in narrowing the gender gap in managerial positions.

At QBS Co we believe your gender should not define or limit your choices about what you study, where you work, your career ambitions, and how you care for others. Our HR policies cater to the imbalance and ensure we are not limiting opportunities for women in our workforce.