Goal 17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Global partnerships face challenges from limited resources, trade tensions, and tech barriers. COVID-19 worsens the situation, causing a 40% drop in FDI and fiscal strain, hindering vital investments in recovery, vaccines, climate, and goals. The pandemic underscores the importance of global collaboration for a robust response, especially in developing countries. As of 2019, government revenue comprises 33% of GDP in around 130 economies. Taxes contribute 25% of GDP in advanced economies and 17% in emerging markets. On average, 67% of government expenditure in advanced economies and 62% in emerging markets is funded by taxes.

In QBS Co we believe in technology transfer, local capacity building, and fiscally responsible practices to ensure a fair share of benefits of Information Technology is reaped at local and national levels. This includes emphasis on local partnerships, supply chains, contractors, and developing skills in the community. Retraining workforces with new technology and transfer of skill and expertise wherever possible.