QBS understands the variability of the business processes across industries and with extensive research and best practice benchmarking, QBS takes the pride of launching the industry specific solutions (ISS) based on international standards. The clients can choose one industry specific solution based on the nature of their business. QBS Co offers a video range of technological products and services that add value to the clientele of QBS. 

ISS Retail

ISS Retail is the right solution that the retailers, wholesalers, traders and supermarkets need to manage their Business and Financial information needs.


ISS Manufacturing

ISS Manufacturing is perfect solution for all production & manufacturing businesses. QBS ISS Manufacturing caters to every single business requirement.


ISS Education

ISS Education is the right integrated platform for all Schools, Colleges, Universities, academic & professional Institutes. Keeps student records & track Finances. 


ISS Healthcare

ISS Healthcare is a perfect solution for all hospitals and their information needs. Track every single detail from patients to doctors & capacity management.


ISS Services Industry

ISS Services with its unique projects management feature is the right solution for all such businesses that will classify themselves in the service industry.


ISS Transportation

As specialists in the transportation sector, we are uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions that cater specifically to businesses operating within this dynamic field. 


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