Auto Teller Connect (ATC)

All the visibility in ATM operations that you need

Auto Teller Connect

The AUTOMATIC TELLER CONNECT – ATC is a complete packaged solution for proactive monitoring, controlling, and reconciling ATM Operations. With the growing reliance on ATMs as a means to achieve higher market share and increased consumer access, there is a parallel need for a large back-end team:

  • To sustain reconciliations of high volume of cash transactions with ever increasing operational risks and costs.
  • To monitor and control on-site and off-site ATM operations.
  • To maintain liaison with the third parties who are responsible for cash replenishments and maintenances and also to monitor the tasks allocated to them.

The ATC serves the backend team to proactively and smartly manage the tedious activities involved in making sure an ATM is up and running in a controlled environment with a real time reconcilability with the back end core banking system. Reconciliation with the back end core banking system always remains a critical challenge and usually the time it takes to highlight any potential differences in the two systems kills the entire purpose of reconciliation.

Key Features of ATC

Problems being addressed by the ATC

High Operating Costs

Existing Bank’s ATM reconciliation practices pose a need for a large back-office teams dedicated solely for the support of volumes of manual reconciliation processing.

Costly Mistakes

Since the reconciliations are usually performed manually, the human element of lean waste always remains in the reconciliation activity resulting in possibilities of errors. An error in the reconciliation of ATM operations can cost the banks millions and billions.

High Operational Risks

Manual ATM and core banking system reconciliation raises significant higher risk exposure.

Slow Response

Time leading to Customer Dissatisfaction the current state of the long monotonous reconciliation processes leaves the customer with no option but to wait at the discretion of the bank. No customer walks out happy if it takes days to resolve his query or dispute.

Employee Dissatisfaction

Such monotonous reconciliations between hundreds of ATM operations and the back end core banking system usually tires up the employees and compromises their approach towards managing the ATM operations on a proactive basis.

Benefits of ATC

With all the above listed features, the ATC carries the following advantages for the Banks:

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